George Michael Denies Heart Disease

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George Michael is rumored to have a heart attack while trying to concerts in Vienna, Australia. But George denied the party, the singer was only exposed to pneumonia.

George was scheduled to do a concert in Vienna Australia on Monday (21/11) only two hours before the show. Party promoters initially said it was because of a throat infection. Then from the management said the singer born June 25, 1963 it had pneumonia. So, the news lost to George blew a heart attack. "singer (George Michael) recently postponed tour dates in Vienna and Strasbourg under doctor's orders.

He has been diagnosed with pneumonia and he is currently receiving treatment,". Yet another statement came from a site that says singer 'Fast Love' was canceled a concert in Cardiff, UK for heart disease. "He fell ill, it's very cold in parts of Europe, and then he was suffering from pneumonia. He responded by well to treatment, very good. But he had to rest, "said the source of George.

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