Lamar Andhika Ussy with Diamonds and Gold 125gram

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Five years of dating Ussy Sulistiawaty, Andhika Primary brave decided to marry her. He proposed to Ussy by providing diamonds and gold 125gram.

Saturday (19/11) at around 15.30wib Andhika Primary entourage Ussy family came to the house to propose. Andhika admitted kedatanganya not only apply Ussy, but at the same time applying for a second baby Ussy. "I do not just apply Ussy, but I am also applying for Ara and Amel," said Andhika in the application event at home in the area Ussy Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, on Saturday (19/11). Andhika Application to woo Ussy Ussy family was officially accepted. Music show presenter Inbox SCTV is also directly provides a set of diamond jewelry and gold weighing 125 grams to Ussy as a sign of a binder.

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