Tips Choosing the Right Perfume

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Many kinds of fragrances, body based on the composition of materials, aromas, until how long he stayed in the body.

Well, based on levels of alcohol are contained, perfume is divided into four types, namely Eau de Cologne (EDC), Eau de Toillette (EDT), Eau de Perfume (EDF) and the Perfume.

In choosing a perfume that would be purchased, will usually be quite dependent on the personality, taste, and intuition.

Here are some surefire tips that could be a reference to the right in selecting the perfume:

Note the time of purchase

Perfume should be purchased in the morning, because the sense of smell is most sensitive to smell than on the day and night,

Spray it right

Perfume should be sprayed on the skin, because we can better identify the scent when sprayed a little into the skin than the scent of the bottle cap is not necessarily appropriate for its content,

Avoid trying to perfume excess

Trying a maximum of three aroma, because the nose can identify only three concurrent aroma,

Wait 30 seconds

Wait 30 seconds after being sprayed onto the skin, because the original perfume which will really feel after 30 seconds of alcohol they contain evaporates.

Try small packaging

Buying in small packages first, because in general perfume lasted three years and may change the scent if rarely used. [Mor]

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