Hii .. There's Zombie Party in Mexico

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Thousands of zombies aka those who can not die, gathered in the capital city of Mexico to celebrate. Why do they do?

Recorded 9860 zombies gathered in Mexico City for an event titled 'Zombie Walk'. They are all registered participants who have a number of similarities. Namely makeup and intention to break the record.

Organizers, Pablo Guisa said, entering his fifth year celebrations in Mexico City is meant to celebrate diversity and human rights. Participants will also collect donations for local food pantry.

Cities around the world are also many who hold a Zombie Walks. On October 30, 2010, Guinness World Record held a similar event in Asbury Park, New Jersey and holds the record with 4093 participants.

Australia also claims this record, last month, when eight thousand zombies and the convoy gathered together. ( STT )

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