Well, Facebook Make Drinks 'Sense of Friendship'

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Feeling tired looking in on your computer? Why not try to drink it? Today it launched a social networking beverages 'feelings of friendship'. Like what?

Drinks named 'Facedrink' was launched with a promise to give you 'a sense of friendship' and additional 'social energy'. Drink 75ml seems to be designed in such a way as to resemble the social networking, even has the phrase ' Add as friend '.

Drinks 'energy with tropical fruit flavors' is reportedly able to improve mental focus. According to the site of this beverage maker, Facedrink LLC, this drink has only three calories and sugar but do not use taurine as quoted by DM .

" Facedrink is a revolutionary energy supplement with a unique flavor and gives energy to regulate all activities in your life, "wrote on his Web site Amazon.com. Meniman is sold for U.S. $ 18 (Rp165 thousand) and the new current in those sites.

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