9 Secrets of Google's Not Much Known

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People used to use Google only to find out what they want. However, actually there are nine secrets that can be found in this search engine. What?

Apparently, there are some tricks you can do a new search in the search engines. For example, ' do a barrel roll 'where if you typed in the Google search bar, there will be a 360-degree somersault on the search interface.

Interestingly, it is not the only thing that can be found in Google's vast Internet web properties. Google engineers are surprisingly committed to enter the surprising things in the search engines.

Not only that, Google's iconic logo has always been updated for more than a thousand times to celebrate holidays, birthdays and historical events. Some people call this Google Doodle.

Google Doodle video animated features, such as the birth anniversary of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. Meanwhile, the rest offers an impressive interactive surprises sepertu Muppet animation that can be played in Jim Henson's birthday.

In addition, there are other interesting things on other Google products like Google Maps, Google Earth, YouTube and Gmail. However, not all the strange things on Google products exists because intentional.

Once there was a picture that caught Google Earth satellite images such as the bottomless pit, down town kaut and car accidents. Strangely similar, the images on Google Street View also often feature pictures of weird.

To see all the strange things that can be found on Google, the following summary of the coolest weird things that can be found in Google Search. What?

Do A Barrel Roll

Want to feel what it is like flying with a jet fighter while looking for something on the internet? Type ' do a barrel roll 'on the Google search bar and watch the whole page will somersault.

What Is The Loneliest Number?

Do not be afraid to ask tough questions on Google. Type the query 'What is the loneliest number' and Google will answer '1 '. The calculator will give the same answer as you type the query ' the answer to life, the universe, and everything 'and' the number of horns on a unicorn '.


When typing this query, Google will be becoming a little drunk.

Google Gravity

Tired with Google that has no weight? Log into Google Earth and enter 'Google Gravity' and click ' I'm feeling lucky '. When the search bar, buttons and logos falling down the page, you could throw tossed around pages simply by clicking, drag and release it.


You know when entering a bathroom with lots of mirrors and when turned around, saw the reflection of ourselves as infinite? This is called recursion. According to Merriam-Webster, it means 'procedure can be repeated'. At Google, when you search for this word, you will be taken back and returned to a new page where it seemed endless.

Where Is Chuck Norris?

Google will give you a blank page when you click " I'm Feeling Lucky "to search for the query. Users will be directed to a page that displays text www.NoChuckNorris.com with the word 'Google will not find Chuck Norris because Google knows you do not find Chuck Norris, he is looking for you'. This page also gives the user the option to search 'pages from Chuck's beard'.

Once In A Blue Moon

Google Calculator also restore your tough questions. Type the query 'baker's dozen' and Google calculator will return with '13 '. Looking for ' once in a blue moon 'will give you a number of small comic figure.

Google and Pig Latin

You can customize Google search to display text in some languages, such as France, Germany, and Japan as well as Latin, Pirates and Klingon.

Play 'Snake' in YouTube video

If you're watching videos on YouTube, press up + left continually to enjoy the game 'Snake' on video. This trick does not work for videos that have annotations or advertising.

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