'Crystal Skull' Mayan Proven Real

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Relics 'crystal skull' kuni American civilization was previously declared false. But now the evidence suggests, 'crystal skull' This is the real thing.

Not only that, experts believe, the relics were buried with their owners between 250-600 is allegedly a replica 'protective hand' is used as the Maya played a similar game of squash. Differences in fact, the loser will be offering.

According to museum curator Justin Jennings, the skull was given to the museum in the early 1970s. The skull is made of limestone that can be used nation mengukuri Mayan carvings in the town of Palenque.

In actual size, the skull the skull the size of an ape, not a man with eight teeth made of shells and one black teeth of iron.

According to Jennings, as quoted by DM , it is strongly suspected skull is a symbol of defense during the game.

This skull is part of Maya art exhibition at the Museum of Toronto in Canada

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