Jennifer Lopez Caught Mesra Casper Smart Hug

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ennifer Lopez (42) was caught making out and dancers Casper Smart (24). J-Lo Casper often embraced with warm while exercising American Music Awards 2011.

 J-Lo reportedly close to Casper since a few weeks. However, he refused to confirm the truth. In fact, J-Lo was caught on camera hugging Tengan Casper and looked full into his arms at rest exercise American Music Awards 2011 in LA on Sunday (20/11). As reported previously, J-Lo and Casper drunk love. Spend much time in bed, Casper J-Lo was considered the goddess 'ML'. Wow! young and old couples who first met while touring the world J-Lo and Casper become increasingly cordial supporter dancers only, after a few dates, like spending the night in Las Vegas. Previously, J-Lo has been divorced by Marc Anthony twins had given him and with him for seven years.

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