The Risk of Hot Tea

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In addition to poor lifestyle factors, frequent consumption of tea in hot conditions will also trigger the growth of cancer cells. Really? A study in Iran in the British Medical Journal, that the hot tea increases risk of esophageal cancer in humans. Drinking hot beverages until you see a column of steam smoke will damage your throat. 

If you drink tea you just made ​​in the hot state within two minutes, surely the risk of esophageal cancer can be five times higher than if you let the tea for 4 - 5 minutes minutes to drink. "drink like a style often found in countries like Iran and Brazil are often drink hot tea directly," said Professor Martin Wiseman, quoted by Huffington Post. Increased cancer is also the case for you who love to eat meat barbecue or grilled meat to be exact. Why is grilled meat cancer risk?

A study in Norway found that high doses of chemicals called HCAs found in grilled meats. Of course, high levels of HCAs are able to cause colon cancer in your body. Previous experiments also showed that the meat that is burned to have carcinogenic properties.

But that does not mean you have to cook a meat with a high temperature, because the levels of this heat can still cause cancer.

Highly recommended, you cook it with the standard temperature and not too high

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