Beyonce is not Maternity Women's Baby

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Scene reported that Beyonce Knowles has given birth to a daughter at the end of last December, but in reality, the news was obviously wrong because until Tuesday (3 / 1) yesterday Jay-Z's wife is still walking with a baby in her womb.

As reported by Dailymail, singer of 30 years appeared to celebrate the New Year with a romantic dinner with her ​​husband in the Buttermilk Channel, Brooklyn, New York. After going through a romantic meal with a menu of upscale, the couple was seen walking toward the house Beyonce's younger sister who is being crowded by the party.

Through twitter account, Solange, Beyonce's sister asserts that her brother is now really have not given birth. He even mentioned that her brother is the most cute pregnant woman he had ever met. Beyonce's appearance when it looks amazing with a high heel that would not normally used by women who are pregnant.

The news circulated previously mentioned that Beyonce has given birth to a daughter on December 30 last, and was named Tiana May Carter. This was reinforced by booking the VIP room at the hospital of St. Luke's Roosevelt, who was allegedly going to witness the birth of his second daughter.

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